By: Steve Dellar | 09-17-2017 | News
Photo credit: Evening Standard

Video: London Bomb Update - Second Arrest Near Heathrow - Bombs, Guns Found

As we’ve told you earlier, UK police forces had arrested an 18 year old yesterday in the port city of Dover. Though police and UK politicians are still refusing to reveal the youngsters’ identity, British press was able to confirm that he is an Iraqi refugee who came to the UK aged 15. In the house where he stayed with his foster parents (Ms Penelope Jones, 71 years old, and her husband Ronald, 88 years old) police have uncovered as many 15 guns and bombs (still according to unconfirmed press reports).

That first report here:

Today saw a second house arrest and once again the public is left in the dark as to the identity of the suspect. All police have said is that the culprit is 21 years old.

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The police entry was quite spectacular (by British standards) and the British press is up in awe that the house of the second suspect was near the biggest airport in the UK, Heathrow.

Meanwhile as every Sunday (and just as in the US) UK politicians go and visit the press on the ‘Andrew Marr Show’ where this time the Conservative Home Secretary of the Party of Prime Minister Theresa May, Ms Rudd was invited.

She said that over the next few days the military would return to their original positions and the public could resume their normal daily life in London. Ms Rudd added that police had made "good progress" in the investigation but urged "everybody to continue to be vigilant but not alarmed". The arrest of the second man proved to her that the first suspect was “not a lone wolf”.

When asked by presenter Andrew Marr whether President Trump’s tweet which indicated that the first suspect was known by police was correct, Ms Rudd claimed that the President’s tweet was ‘pure speculation’.

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Politicians in the UK are eagerly trying to remain politically correct whilst faced with an ever growing public outrage over the great number of terror attacks on British soil this year. Though no government politician dares say ‘Islamic extremists’ yet, the British public in their reactions to the press articles is not faced with the same restraint.

We’ll keep you updated as further news comes in.


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