By: Steve Dellar | 09-17-2017 | News
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8 Dead At Hollywood Hills Nursing Home – First Lawsuit Filed

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma left the US with a large reparation bill, billions in damage to roads, bridges and infrastructure, and a nursing home scandal.

In the case of that nursing home in Hollywood Hills where 8 people died, a first lawsuit was filed, with more expected to follow.

The suit was brought forward by the family of 94-year-old Rosa Cabrera, who was frail, elderly, and with both her legs amputated, couldn’t take care of herself anymore. As the air conditioning system fell out last Sunday, Rosa watched helplessly as her co-residents around her died from heart attacks and respiratory distress.

The family of Rosa claims that she, as a double amputee, “could not care for herself or escape the horrific conditions” during hurricane Irma.

The negligence suit was brought forward Broward Circuit Court. As a result, it seeks unspecific damages for the suffering of Rosa Cabrera. The families of the eight patients who died are said to be preparing lawsuits of their own.

Son-in-law of Rosa Cabrero, Mr. Ray Nazario: “It’s a disgrace the way that she and the other patients were treated. If they had called 911 and removed all the patients immediately, no one would have died. She was very traumatized when she learned about the deaths.”

The suit specifies that Mr. Cabrera had been assured by the nursing home that as Hurricane Irma approached Florida, his mother in law would be safe during the storm. However, he claims, the home placed her in an unnecessary danger which could have very well cost her life.

The administrator of the nursing home has admitted that they did not call 911 until 1:30 a.m. to deal with the medical emergency and failing patients. By 5 am that morning, five patients had suffered cardiac arrest or were in a critical condition because of respiratory distress.

A mandatory evacuation of the nursing home was carried out by local authorities at 6.30am.


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