By: Earnest Jones | 12-22-2016 | News
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CNN And MSNBC Use Fake News To Inject Fake Memories Among The Population

The University of Warwick conducted a research that shows many people are likely to buy into the fake facts and reminiscence events that never happened. Dr. Kimberly Wade from the Department of Psychology conducted the false memories study in which she demonstrated that individuals who were told of fictitious life events ended up imagining the events and accepting them as the truth.

Autobiographical events created by the memory implantation revealed that 50 percent of the people who participated in the study believed that they had actual experience of the memories that had been implanted on them. They recalled the false events that had been suggested to them as real. Some of the participants, around thirty percent remembered the events having accepted the suggestion while some went to the extremity of elaborating the suggested events. The remaining 23 percent of the participants believed the events had happened but they also recalled the events.

This study by Dr. Wade revealed that it’s very hard for people to determine when they are recollecting actual past events as opposed to false memories in real life situations and controlled research environment. This raises an alarm as to the authenticity of memories that are used by the mainstream media, courtrooms, and forensic investigations.

It's no surprise that the mainstream media injects the masses with fake news in a bid to create fake memories. Misinformation results to the collective memories of the masses that are incorrect. The news that the mainstream media spreads has a striking effect on the behavior and perception of people. This is why the mainstream media is the ideal puppet for the oligarchist who intend to control the masses to follow suit in their agenda, by using the corporate media which uses fake news to inject fake memories into the viewer’s minds.

The establishment and the selfish oligarchist heavily rely on the establishment to manipulate the masses into thinking certain ways. History has proved that the mainstream media are very biased. Despite the misinformation and invalidity of the news that the corporate media spreads, viewers believe the information due to the biased nature of the mainstream media.

In a statement made by Dr. Wade, many factors affect the creation of false beliefs and memories. They include repeated imagination of a fake event or viewing pictures that jog one’s memory. However, Dr. Wade highlighted that they still don’t understand how all the factors work together. In conclusion, Dr. Wade’s study reveals that the masses are prone to develop false beliefs. Previous research has also shown that distorted beliefs influence people’s attitudes, behaviors and intentions.

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