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A very British … Game of Thrones

Backroom dealing, a child wanting their own parent off the throne, a loyal secretary being removed because he supports the past and not the future. Westeros and an episode of Game of Thrones you say. No, dear readers, Britain I tell you.

Yes, my friends, some say that there is a real-life Game of Thrones going on in the UK. The prize is the highest one there is. <i>The Throne <i/>.

At this moment Queen Elizabeth still occupies it, whilst her son Prince Charles has been waiting in her wings for 65 odd years now to occupy it. His wait is the longest of any heir-apparent to a European royal throne and should he become king, he will undoubtedly be the oldest person ever to be crowned monarch.

And if the British press is to be believed, Charles has grown tired of waiting. It was the well-respected Times of London newspaper that started all the rumors this week. The plan is called Charles 70. The idea is to get Charles on the throne by the time he turns 70 in November next year.

The first part of the plan is to remove any loyal servants to the queen from the Royal household in Buckingham palace, the residence of the Queen. For this reason, her private secretary Sir Christopher Geidt resigned earlier this week and got early retirement at that age of 56. Some say because Prince Charles had ‘arranged’ it.

The British press is eagerly loving the story, up to such a point that the three households, Buckingham Palace (the Queen), Clarence House (Prince Charles) and Kensington Palace (the Duke and Duchess, Prince William and Princess Kate), of the British Royal family, had to issue a joint statement following those claims in The Times of London.

“Prince Charles is committed to supporting the Queen”, the royal families have jointly said. No more talk of an internal rift is the hope.

What will finally happen next year when Charles does turn 70 is anybody’s guess at this point. But if the writer of Game of Thrones ever needs inspiration, we urge him to look at the UK.


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