By: Savannah Smith | 12-21-2016 | News
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Dems Gone Mad With Their Trump-Hating Turn Their Vicious Ire on Bocelli, Evancho

During the presidential campaign Hillary Clinton, Democrats and their supporters thought that they have the election in the bag and all they have to do is cruise along until the Big Day. When they have their hearts and minds set for what they thought was a sure, inevitable, undeniable win, they trumpet themselves as the decent ones scoring Donald Trump and his supporters for supposedly spreading hate. Their buzzwords are freedom, respect, tolerance, and all things sweet and nice wrapped very neatly in a package called political correctness.

Defeat, especially as crushing as it was unexpected, brought out the true selves and real color of Hillary supporters, for along with their bitterness for the stinging loss came a lot of vile, and even worse than the kind of hate they once professed to, well, hate.

But no amount of sourgraping from the bunch of liberals can stop the Inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump as the 45th President of the U.S., further sealed and cemented by the convincing win he had in the Electoral College vote. As Trump's Inauguration Team is busy taking care of all preparations for the historic event, one of the recent, happy developments shared to the public was the participation to the momentous occasion by respected and talented opera singer Andrea Bocelli. The Italian tenor reportedly agreed to do one solo song and a duet with gifted young singer Jackie Evancho, who has also earlier agreed to sing the National Anthem.

Bocelli's performance at Trump's Inauguration also holds a special meaning for the incoming President as the Republican is reportedly an avowed fan of the highly-acclaimed singer that he even invited Bocelli to perform at a private party of his in 2010. Bocelli in Trump's Inauguration is an arrangement that is perfectly right, legal, and does not harm anyone. But the liberals and Hillary loyalists lose their minds about the prospect- and with it, their manners as well. Pretending to be " fans" of the celebrated singer, these people who are actually Hillary fanatics and fellow liberals are so "decent", "tolerant", " respectful" and advocates of " anti-hating" and energetic card-carrying members of " love trumps hate" movement go on a harassing spree and bombarded the singer with threats of boycott to his concerts, albums, etc. , should he go through with his performance at Trump's Inauguration.

Unable to take the heat and the show of vile by these livid liberals, Bocelli backed out. The Hillary apologists pushed the 58-year old blind singer too much, that withdrawing from the event was the only peaceful course he was made to choose. Although, there are reports too, that Trump being a real Bocelli fan wanted to shield his favorite and respected singer from all the online bashing and hating that it was him who asked the singer not to pursue with the performance anymore.

The young, not even of legal adult-age yet, Jackie Evancho, is suffering the same fate: getting bullied and harassed online for her would-be performance at Trump's swearing in as President big day. Some of these haters and liberals questioned the young girl's stature, hitting that she's only a " runner up" to America's Got Talent where she joined and indeed placed runner up when- get this- she was just 10 years old. Others call her decision to sing the National Anthem at Trump's Inauguration a career suicide move, something she won't be able to live down, and there were those who wished her career to fail for "aligning" with Trump.

The angry liberals conveniently forget that the talented girl also performed for President Obama twice where she was described by his organizing team as representing the best and the brightest of America. The Hillary fanatics who kept on bullying Jackie seem to also forget or ignore the fact that the girl is just 16, practically a child still, and cyberbullying is a form of violence and abuse, and as far as democratic America is concerned, any form of child abuse is not tolerated and can be a ground for legal action.

Some are also calling Evancho to back out as well from her Inauguration performance. But the girl has grit, standing her ground, repeating that it would be an honor for her to perform at such a historic, patriotic event. She is trying hard to simply ignore the hateful messages thrown her way. But she's a child and she can be hurting from all the vile she's been getting but does not deserve.

Her supporters kept saying during the campaign and until her loss how proud they are of Hillary for being qualified, for espousing democratic principles and the right values like fighting for women's rights, pushing for tolerance and of love trumping hate, yet who are they picking on and engaging in a one-sided quarrel with for an event that is part of America's democratic traditions? A blind singer who can not even read their messages to him but id informed of their hateful words and intentions, and a child performer who can fully defend herself yet!

Defeat is supposed to strengthen people, not to turn individuals into monsters. These liberals and Hillary supporters ought to examine themselves. What have they become, really?

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