By: Kyle James | 09-17-2017 | News
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Private Jet Pilot Reveals Menendez Extravagance During Corruption Trial

New details have emerged surrounding former Senator and Democrat Robert Menendez as his trial goes on. Menendez was indicted by a federal grand jury on corruption charges stemming from a cozy relationship with his friend Florida ophthalmologist Salomon Melgen. Recently the jury in Senator Robert Menende'z corruption trial found out about his taste for high-end Parisian hotels, and now yesterday more testimony tells about how Senator Menendez was living a life of luxury thanks to his friend the ophthalmologist in Florida.

The most condemning part of the testimony was when Melgen's private jet pilot came forward and said that the senator had been a regular, so much so that he had stocked his favorite water and juices just for Menendez. The pilot recounted a total of 16 flights from 2008 to 2010, "Menendez was such a common sight that the pilot made sure to request the Garden State senator’s favorite beverages in a 2009 email titled ‘aircraft stock,’ which requested that the plane be stocked with Evian water and several different kinds of juices. ‘Myself and the other pilot … figured these are items that should be on board if the Senator was on the aircraft,’ Nylund, who now flies for JetBlue, told the jury."

In addition to jaunts on his private jet, Melgen also once forked over $8,036.02 for Menendez to charter an 8-passenger private jet from West Palm Beach to Washington DC — by his lonesome, an earlier witness testified. The 2010 Cessna flight required three legs, including two legs with no passengers to get to Menendez in West Palm Beach and then back to the airport hangar in Islip, NY, the according to witness Jeffrey Wardenaar, who arranged the flight."

The best part is, during the senator's last campaign he touted himself as a person living a "middle class life." This is classic example of a pathological lair, and who knows what else he lied about during his political career since it comes so easy for him.

Melgen acted like a sugar daddy of sorts for Menendez and had even paid for him to charter his own private jet just for himself, "

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