By: Nicole Lopez | 12-21-2016 | News

Proposed Bill Requires Computers To Have Built-In Function To Block Pornography

Politicians have ignored the adverse effects of pornography due to the fact that it's taxed.

Unlike illegal prostitution, pornography is taxed, filmed, and distributed. Free thinkers suggest that anyone who advocates for freedom should not ban consensual acts between adults. However, the state claims the right to arrest individuals engaging in such acts. Many liberals claim that sex work should not be prohibited since it creates crime by leaving the sex workers jobless of one of the oldest professions. Despite the adverse effects that result from banning sex work, the South Carolina lawmakers have stepped up the whole issue by outlawing the consensual acts that involve only a single party that views pornography on their computer. State Rep. Bill Chumley pre-filled a bill this month that requires computer sellers to install digital blocking capabilities on devices and computers that have access to the internet in a bid to block people from watching obscene content and porn. The proposal will also prohibit access to online hubs that facilitate prostitution and hence necessitate that the sellers and manufacturers to block websites that facilitate the trafficking process. To any individual with all the faculties, it's only right for this pornography epidemic to be contained. However, any critical thinker knows that a closer evaluation on government mandated functionality on electronic devices that facilitate the blocking of content should set off alarms on where this will lead to. This is deeper than it seems, the feds are plotting and coming up with strategies to filter and block content that they deem inappropriate for people to view. A closer evaluation on this bill reveals how greedy the state has become since manufacturers will be allowed to pay a fee for the system to be unblocked. The buyers will also have a chance to pay $20 to the government for their age to be confirmed and also for the removal of the filter by device registration. This is another example of autocracy operating under the guise of protecting kids from pornography. This is a carefully crafted strategy that will force device manufactures to install built-in functionality developed for govt-sanctioned censorship as the govt collects money to free up porn access from the masses. Lawmakers have severally attempted to control our lives through censorship. Chumley claims that the money collected will be channeled into the Attorney General Office's human trafficking task force.

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