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"Cash me outside" Girl Signs with Atlantic Records

Danielle Bregoli, better known as the "Cash me outside how bow dah" girl from Dr. Phil (and probably even better known as "Wait, who are you talking about?" once the remainder of her 15 minutes of fame runs up, has managed to crack the news circuit once again. The living meme who found viral fame emulating Cartman's "I do what I want" girl has somehow snagged a record deal with, get this Atlantic?!?

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Internet fame (or infamy) is a fickle thing. It rarely, if ever lasts very long and once you've made that first dent it's always important to strike while the iron is hot if you want to exploit the powerful, but short-lived magic of "viral fame."

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Which, I assume, is what Bregoli, better known as "Cash me outside" meme, was doing <a href=""> when she got deplaned before a flight for picking a fight with a passenger</a>.

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<a href="">TMZ reports</a> that Danielle Bregoli, or "Cash me outside" girl, has landed a record deal with the signers of, among others, Whiz Khalifa. It was Bregoli's single "These Heaux" that caught the ear of the execs. The music video of which has astoundingly cracked over 20 million views. In addition to this, she'll for a time manage to earn a footnote in history as the youngest female rapper to debut on Billboard's Hot 100 with "These Heaux" which made it as far as the 77 spot.

"Cash me outside" girl will be recording under the equally silly name "Bhad Babie," which is (inexplicably) pronounced Bad Baby. This is in keeping with, not only the fact that the child in question is extremely ill-mannered and badly behaved but also misunderstanding how phonetics works (i.e. "These heaux").

Atlantic, in a press statement, were proud to announce that Danielle (who along with her mother is banned from Spirit Airlines for life) would become a member of their label whose "massive personality" they hope to exploit until Danielle is a husk of herself. See also, Britney Spears, et. al.

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