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Illegal Alien in Foley, Alabama Tortures 6-Year-Old with Hot Metal Spoon - ICE Now Has Her

In another display of the disgusting criminal actions that are often committed by illegal aliens, investigators say that the most recent case in Foley, Alabama is absolutely sickening.

Law enforcement say that 26 year old Maria Cortes took a metal cooking spoon, placed it on a stove top until it turned flaming red-hot on the eye of the burner, and then forced it to a six year old child's lips resulting in severe burns.

The demonic criminal, who's in the United States illegally, told detectives that she “lost her temper” when dealing with the child, but she did indeed confess to the horrific crime.

Child abuse is one of my pet peeves, and while this filthy animal should have been deported to begin with since she was a Federal criminal the moment she crossed into the United States illegally; that wouldn't be justice for the actions she committed against this innocent child.

There's a time and place for the death penalty, and I truthfully believe that Pedophiles, rapists, and child abusers deserve public executions not just to publish them but to make a statement to the rest of the world's sickening criminals that strikes fear into their hearts.

Harming a child is unforgivable; there is no rehabilitation for such a crime.

The Assistance Police Chief to the Foley Police Department, Thurston Bullock said, "Third degree burns to the lips you know that's soft tissue area and just the singeing of that area. It was swollen and the child went without medical care for three days.”

Police also say the incident happened last Friday but the mother refused to take the child to the hospital for fear that she may be prosecuted for her crimes.

Teachers and staff at Foley Elementary School say that the child didn't appear for class on Monday, and another parent of a student said they believed the child was being abused, and that's when they reported the absence and potential abuse to law enforcement which is district policy.

"And they also received some information from concerned citizens that there was something going on with the child that they may want to look into, and it gave them cause to call us and say there's something going on," said Bullock.

The 26 year old Cortes almost bonded out of jail on a $10,000 bond, then the court realized that she was in the United States illegally and has since raised her bond to $100,000.

The Foley Police Department then contacted Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) who has now placed a permanent hold on her potential release.

"She was stopped from bonding out to show up in court today and have her appearance today at that point it was a $10,000 pre set bond we have asked for $100,000 and the judge has granted the bond being set at $100,000," said ADA Matt Simpson.

According to Alabama Department of Human Resources (Alabama’s name for Children's Services and Welfare), the six year old child has been taken from the home.

Alongside the six year old there were three other children inside the home at the time of the incident, all of which are now in the custody of family members.

ICE says she will be detained in their custody at the Baldwin County Jail as per an arrangement with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office until she faces justice first for her evil crimes and then eventually will be deported.


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