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Perv Pilots Filmed Stewardesses Having Sex, Rated Performance

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According to a report from Focus Online, a German styled 60 minutes if you will, Budget airline Condor is in a bit of trouble.

Allegedly, the pilots at Condor airlines had a secret agreement between themselves, allowing them to have sex in and outside airplanes with the stewardesses and film and photograph this in secret. The pilots then exchanged the pictures and videos amongst themselves whilst commenting on the, shall we say, state and performance of the stewardesses.

The news outlet released the full report just yesterday and referenced information from within company circles as well as a letter from Condor’s management.

In this report Focus was quoting from the official letter of the company, dated June 12th of this year, which was sent to pilots and warned of the "criminal relevance of secret video footage and its distribution. There are obviously some Condor pilots who are secretly taking photos and video footage of female colleagues showing them in sexual acts."

Germany has very strict privacy laws. Google maps famously has blackened out many street and houses in Germany for that reason.

Because of this legislation and the fact that as a German company Condor is obliged to follow these rules, the letter warns the perpetrating pilots of "serious consequences regarding employment and criminal law”. Focus claimed that employees were threatened with possible imprisonment for up to two years.

Focus asked the Condor management for a response to the report and even though they were afraid of harming their reputation as a ‘family airline’, the management did admit that it was "following all initial suspicions" rigorously.

Condor management response: “employees have been clearly informed about the disapproval and legal consequences by the company".

We would advise you to start checking any well referenced websites you may or may not visit and type in Condor Airlines. You never know what you might find soon.


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