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Video: Berlin Nightclub Shooting – 1 Dead, 3 Wounded

A nightclub shooting in Berlin’s Cozy Club last night left 1 person dead and three heavily wounded.

This morning around 2.15am local time police rushed to the nightclub, which has a bad reputation, for reported gunfire. When they arrived at the scene a person was lying outside in a pool of blood whilst others had minor gunshot wounds. The heavily wounded man was rushed to hospital but died on the way.

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Police investigators questioned witnesses who claimed that a fight broke out in the nightclub between two rival drug dealing gangs. They were kicked out of the club by security personnel and the fight was then continued in the parking lot. At a certain point, one of the thugs went to his car and took a shotgun from the trunk. With the weapon he shot 4 people of the rival gang, one in the stomach and the three others in either arms or legs.

The first group then drove off, but witnesses were able to give accurate descriptions as well as technical details about the car.

A police officer reported that: "We still have no knowledge about the background or the identities of the participants".

Berlin police said the cordoned remained cordoned off on Saturday.

Shootouts at German nightclubs are unfortunately no longer exceptional incidents. Back in July of this year, a person was killed and six others were wounded when a man opened fire in a nightclub in Konstanz.

Afterwards, the suspect got involved in a standoff with police in which he was fatally wounded. This all happened outside the music venue after they had rushed to the scene shortly after the incident around 0230 GMT. The shooter then died later in hospital.

Even when it comes to school shootings, Germany starts to resemble the US more and more. In June of this year, a teenager walked into a school near Stuttgart armed with a gun. Luckily no fatalities could be reported at that particular incident.


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