By: Sanya Carter | 12-21-2016 | News

Trump To Drain The Swamp By Enacting constitutionally mandated term limits for Congress

The President-elect Donald Trump has laid out concrete strategies on how he's going to make America great again, key to Trump's plan is his infamous slogan on draining the swamp.

Trump's victory was a major indication of how frustrated and disappointed Americans are with the establishment and the elites who have become so complacent and forget why they are in office. The American citizens clearly voiced their concerns by choosing a candidate who will change the political system and most importantly the Congress. Trump's unconventional approach is just ideal in restoring America to its former state.

Trump's renowned slogan on draining the swamp refers to Trump's intentions on making sure that he gets rid of the politicians who have held positions for long durations and as a result they forget that Americans have mandated them with the responsibility of serving them. The latest trend that has been taking place in the political arena is very awful and America is in dire need of Trump's administration for everything to be put into perspective, key to Trump's strategies is enacting congressional term limits.

In a report published by the Associated Press, eight states have passed resolutions during the past three years calling for a convention that will go beyond a balanced budget amendment to include other fiscal restraints, unspecified restrictions on federal power, and term limits for Congress and Federal officials. The number of supporters who advocate for this changes are below the two-thirds threshold. However, with the Republicans victory in the presidential election could result to some rapid growth of the movement.

History has proved that the political system has the ability to infect people by polluting the integrity out of them. This results in in competency amongst the politicians since all they are concerned about is being re-elected instead of serving the Americans. This trend alters the political ambitions of the politicians and they end up being career politicians who intend to spend their whole lives in Congress.

The enormous changes that are taking place in the United States necessitate that term limits for congressional members should be enacted. The president-elect pledged that this was part of his administration's agendas. Trump ought to make an executive decision on the controversial congressional limits since Congress will barely vote in favor of the changes. The swamp has to be drained.

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