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Breaking – Video - 2 explosions in Barcelona near Sagrada Familia

Two separate explosions occurred in Barcelona early this morning just a few blocks away from the popular La Sagrada Familia tourist attraction, and they caused great panic for the tourists in locations nearby.

A first big explosion occurred and was followed by a much smaller explosion after which fire and smoke ripped through the building.

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Police were quick to seal off the area where the explosions had happened, as the first thought was of another terror attack (Barcelona was hit with terror in August when a member of death cult ISIS drove a van through the popular Ramblas street, killing 14 people. Police killed 5 terrorists in a nearby town the day afterward. All members of the terrorist cell carrying out that act have either been killed or are in the hands of Spanish authorities).

This time however it involved a bakery on the first floor of a seven-story building on Carrer de la Marina, in between the iconic Sagrada Familia church and the beach of Barcelona.

Spanish daily El Pais reports that neighbors were evacuated and treated for smoke inhalations whilst authorities were quick to point out that the explosions had been caused by gas, probably due to a leak in one of the industrial bakery’s ovens.

Miss Belen Ortega, a witness to the event, informed the newspaper: "I heard a very strong explosion and the building shook. I woke up, I saw flames and then smoke. I went to get my son and when I went out there were firefighters - they were very fast."

Another neighbor who was evacuated by police forces, Mr. Jordi Canal, said that he watched from his balcony as the bakery caught fire and a lot of smoke began to fill the surrounding area.

So far, 21 people have been transported to local hospitals, most of them with severe burns.


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