By: Steve Dellar | 09-16-2017 | News
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Amazon Censures 1-Star Reviews Of Clinton’s New Book

First off, it’s not because we are sympathetic to President Trump that we would make this claim. Don’t even go there.

We didn’t say it first. The Guardian, the bastion of the UK left started it. And after people verified it, it spread like wildfire.

Amazon, the online bookseller, redacted hundreds of 1-star reviews of Clinton’s new memoir What Happened, which describes her account of the 2016 presidential race against Donald Trump, just hours after it first appeared on their website.

The book was published on Tuesday, and by Wednesday some 1,500 reviews had been posted online, most of which were quite negative or quite positive. So, for anyone who’s never seen reviews of Amazon books, that means either 1 star or 5 stars.

The publishing house, Simon & Schuster, distributing the book then contacted Amazon, and stated as an explanation for this that: “It seems highly unlikely that approximately 1,500 people read Hillary Clinton’s book overnight and came to the stark conclusion that it is either brilliant or awful.”

The rest of Wednesday was spent by Amazon employees cleaning up the reviews. By Thursday morning, of those 1,500 reviews, only 581 remained. Strangely enough, by now, 95% of those reviews were five-star.

Amazon released a statement on Thursday morning saying that they “we remove customer reviews that violate our community guidelines. When we find unusually high numbers of reviews for a product posted in a short period of time, we may restrict the number of non-Amazon Verified Purchase reviews on that product”.

Well, that is one way for both publisher Simon & Schuster and distributor Amazon to make sure that Clinton’s book keeps on selling of course. Whether it is honest, we’ll let you decide for yourself.

Then again, those one-star reviews might just be right. Even the greatest of supporters in the press which usually always have Hillary’s back is not so sure that she’s written anything worth your money this time.

The New York Times reviewed it as “wearying, canned and disingenuous, spinning events like a top”, and the Washington post said it was “sometimes corny” and “between regret and righteous anger, sometimes in the same paragraph.”

Doesn’t sound like a Pulitzer price will be handed out for this one anytime soon then.


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Freeman Stohn No. 8184 2017-09-16 : 09:28

1) Your 1st sentence is complete BS, and you f'ing know it. 2) I believe Amazon & Simon & Schuster DO have a point. There COULD be people who actually have NOT read it & are simply leaving BS reviews of the book just to be d*ckheads.

I'll end on THIS note: remember, Chump hasn't even been in office a year & already, his approval rating is LOWER than Dubya's lowest on his worst day.

Can't wait to drink the tears of the right when Mueller FINALLY kicks Chump out of office for treason. #ImpeachTrump #RIPGOP

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