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Video - London Update - May: Armed Military On The Streets - 'Mother Of Satan Nail Bomb' Used

Picture: Left – Armed police and military patrolling London currently – Right – Mother of Satan Nail Bomb used in the attack

A run-down of the latest developments from London as the British government faces up to yet another terror attack on UK soil this year.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May warns that as long as the suspects are not apprehended, the British Public must be made aware that the threat of a second attack is likely and that another bombing might be imminent.

Furthermore, in order to hunt the terrorists, the joint task force on antiterrorism has raised the UK terror threat level from severe to critical following Friday's explosion in Parsons Green Tube station in London.

PM May said this would mean a greater armed presence in public spaces and more military support provided to police. In other words, just as in Brussels and Paris already, the armed military will soon be patrolling the streets of London.

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An army bomb expert, Mr. Chris Hunter, has explained the bomb used. In an interview with British Sky News, he said the bombmaker 'almost certainly' used triacetone triperoxide (TATP), a sensitive and highly explosive material favored by jihadi terrorists and already used in the 2007 attacks on London and the Manchester Arena bombing earlier this year during the concert of Ariana Grande.

Mr. Hunter added: 'When I saw the bucket and when I saw it burning, it looked exactly like the 21/7 device. There are very few chemical compounds readily available to jihadists that can be used to make a high explosive so the main charge will also certainly be TATP. This substance is also known as the Mother of Satan. It is super sensitive just after being made and can go off very easily. However, it doesn't remain sensitive for very long, it deteriorates quickly.'

Given the insignificance of the metro station of Parsons Green where the attack took place, British terrorism expert Will Geddes warned that another attack could be imminent: 'Unless a person knows it, it is not going to mean a great deal to you - if it was Paddington or Notting Hill, they are internationally recognised names. I think it was more a premature detonation than anything else. This could have been a lot worse. It could have killed a significant number of



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