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Gab Sues Google for Antitrust Violations in Epic Showdown

Google has proven itself to have grown to extraordinary grasps onto power where it can now shut down opinions it disagrees with by simply claiming that its opposition is guilty of “hate speech”.

The levels of censorship coming from the cultural Marxist monopoly know as Google are on par with Bolshevik Communism’s reign

During the early 1900s.

So much has it ascertained a total control over the tech sector that startups and independent platforms are forced to bend their will in order to survive or else face complete annihilation from the giant known as Google?

One independent and self-made social media platform, known as Gab, began with the idea of promoting free speech which was a direct rebellion against the left wing control of various platforms that had a brutal reputation for shutting down right-wing voices and pundits alike.

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From the average traditional American conservative to the far right, everyone flocked to Gab due to the company's increased recognition of the Constitution, suggesting that free speech and debate would be welcomed over any censorship.

Amidst the controversial visitors of Gab, Gab has tried hard to allow free thought and what would typically be deemed as wrongthink to encourage debate.

Just this past month, however, Google took. It upon itself to attempt to silence the growing power of Gab, where it banned their Android application from the Google Play store.

Google wrongly tried to justify the action as a response to “hate speech”, which is essentially the tactic of the left on 2017 for anyone who disagrees with their mantra, to scream racism or hate speech accusations literally <i>”REEEEE-ing”</i> into the clouds with no actual evidence to support their claims.

<i>”Everyone who disagrees with me is Hitler”</i> is pretty much exactly how Liberals view their opponents.

There is no longer an open or free debate of thought, it's degraded into a primitive <i>”you bad you Nazi we smash Nazi because of Nazi bad”</i> level of low IQ, uneducated, idiocracy that I truly never thought America could devolve into.

Now Gab is fighting back though, in a case of David versus Goliath, as the startup which us user-powered and funded versus the behemoth known as Google.

Gab has filed a lawsuit against Google claiming that Google violated antitrust laws by giving its application the banhammer, and Gab is absolutely correct.

In the 1990s Microsoft faced massive Congressional hearings in its antitrust case to prevent the monopoly from growing too strong to stop.

Now in 2017 Google has been allowed to spread its roots into every branch of society, where it donates to specific political candidates and supports a certain ideology, then uses its strength in the tech sector to silence any criticism or opposing views.

Gab’s founders have continued to insist that the site is not political in nature, which it's not, it just so happens to have users who populate the platform with politically charged topics, but have said the site is actually a refuge for free speech across the spectrum.

“Google is the biggest threat to the free flow of information,” Gab cofounder and CEO Andrew Torba.

“Gab started to fight against the big tech companies in the marketplace, and their monopolistic conduct has forced us to bring the fight to the courtroom,” said Torba.

Torba has repeatedly pointed out and blasted Silicon Valley’s attitude and perception toward conservatives and right-wingers alike.

The lawsuit describes Torba, a former participant in Y Combinator who was banned from its alumni network, as “a supporter of President Donald Trump whose fervent advocacy of his policies and positions have had the predictable result of his being labeled, inappropriately, with the various labels and epithets that are now the common currency of political mudslinging.”

It also says of his Y Combinator ban, “This experience confirmed for Mr. Torba his perception, which animated his involvement with Gab, that conservative voices are routinely suppressed in social media and in a wide variety of contexts where the dominant, and overwhelmingly liberal figures and institutions of Silicon Valley hold sway.”

This is a groundbreaking case, and we at The Goldwater applaud Andrew Torba and Gab for their efforts to combat Google and the leftist controlled Silicon Valley.

It's remarkable to see such a challenge when most cower in fear against the strength of Alphabet Inc, but Gab is relentlessly trying to reverse the course of history that has thus far been one-sided.

Good luck, Gab.

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