By: Kyle James | 09-15-2017 | News
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Sports Desk: Darron Features Killer in 25lb Challenge!

Darron Eats is a YouTuber that specializes in food challenges. His latest video is a challenge to put down a whole 20lbs of food at a buffet. They end up exceeding their challenge and eating over 25 lbs in one sitting.

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The video is about 12 minutes long and is sped up so you don't have to watch it in real time because that would take hours. They carefully weigh each plate and calibrate their scale to zero out with the weight of the plate. They are eating about 1.25 lbs of food with out plate so they would need around 10 plates each to hit their goal.

Joining Darron on this trip is his friend Killer who also has a YouTube channel focused on eating.

Between the two eaters they manage to surpass their goal. The grand total after they finished was 28.75 lbs.

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