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Cracks in Concrete at Ohio Nuclear Power Plant spark Emergency Repairs

America's infrastructure has crumbled and fallen apart in recent decades as previous Administration's have ignored the problems facing the homeland.

Some major cities resemble war torn regions of the Middle East with broken bridges, torn up roads, abandoned and broke down factories, boarded up houses, and destroyed infrastructure all around.

Many who have seen war torn regions would actually tell you that they're in better shape than those American cities, because after the United States bombs and invades a region the taxpayers fund the complete reconstruction of it to a modern miracle stature.

That's also the case in Ohio, where not only are cities completely ravaged structurally with less and less taxpayers being able cover the costs due to the rust belt losing so much of its employment; but the power grid in electricity and nuclear are also falling apart.

FirstEnergy Corp. says its Davis-Besse nuclear plant along Lake Erie near Toledo is facing major structural collapses, with the concrete walls which surround the reactor cracking and splitting risking a major emergency if something were to go wrong.

Workers will now be spending the next several weeks attempting to secure the existence of the walls which are intended to protect the reactor to prevent a massive meltdown endangering not only the city of Oak Harbor but communities hundreds of miles away.

The utility and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission both say consultants have determined that the cracks have not weakened the concrete shield building, but the company has known such cracks exist since 2011 and have failed to secure them six years later.

It's a catastrophe waiting to happen, according to critics of the plant.

Operators at the plant however say that the problem dates further back to 1978 when a massive blizzard in the region affected the concrete, causing slow tests and cracks.

In 2015 the plant had to perform an emergency shutdown as well after a major steam leak was found.

It seems like due to lack of governmental focus on our own country, that these crucial plants are being ignored.

FirstEnergy waterproofed the building and stepped up inspections, but it believes there is still water within the concrete causing the cracks to grow.


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