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Florida Spent Entire Budget Surplus on Irma

In Tallahassee, Florida, Governor Rick Scott has said that the state is still completely devastated both physically, emotionally, and financially after Hurricane Irma brutalized the region.

According to the Governor, the State of Florida has now spent it's entire budget surplus it had accumulated through conservative policies, for the incoming year.

Each year in September at the Florida Legislature top lawmakers are required to predict a new financial outlook for the following three years, at which time experts warned Floridian leadership that the rising costs of Irma will leave the state in peril by submitting it's surplus for a deficit.

Before the savage Hurricane Irma assaulted the state, that outlook had projected a $52 million cushion for the fiscal year starting in July of 2018.

Now however, Florida's overall budget the current year alone, which includes both state tax dollars and federal aid, is nearly $85 billion as per the cleanup efforts.

So far Florida is reported to have spent a massive $275 million on efforts to repair after Irma, a cost that's continuing to rise each and every day.

President Trump has said he will do everything in his power to ensure that Florida receives the necessary Federal Aid to ensure that much of those costs can be reimbursed, but Florida is still for the foreseeable future at an incredible loss.

Florida has for years has some of the largest tax cuts in the nation for both citizens and higher education, something that is undoubtedly going to have to be reconsidered as a result of the storm’s costs.


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