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VIDEO: Shows Washington School Shooter Playing With Guns And Shooting People For Fun

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Caleb Sharpe is set to appear in court after taking a loaded pistol and rifle to his Freeman high school and gunning down students there. An eerie YouTube video has surfaced showing Sharpe pretending to shoot other people for fun in various short films. Sharpe showed up to his high school armed with two guns and opened fire in the hallway killing one student and injuring three more before he was stopped by a custodial staff member.

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According to Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich, another student at the high school confronted Sharpe and got his attention after his gun jammed allowing a janitor to physically subdue the shooter. Knezovich said, "A student walked up to him, engaged him, and that student was shot. The student did not survive." The heroic action by the student and the janitor prevented more bloodshed according to the sheriff. The other three wounded students are expected to survive but were not named. Freeman high school is located in a close-knit community of around 500 people near the Idaho border in Washington.

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The videos which were taken from Caleb Sharpe's YouTube channel show various short clips of him pretending to shoot people and adding visual effects for muzzle flashes and audio for the gun shots. It is clear form the videos he had an obsession with guns and even killing people. Other students who new Sharpe say he was “nice and funny and weird” and obsessed school shootings as well.

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