By: Earnest Jones | 12-21-2016 | News
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Democrats Delusional Insanity Backfires: Trump Wins In An Electoral Landslide

The outrageous behavior depicted by the left is entertaining, recently they were whining on college campuses asking for safe spaces so that they can avoid dealing with people who have differing opinions. However, the political left has stepped up the outrageous behavior following the loss of their chosen savior Hillary Clinton, for the second presidential defeat. In an effort to intimidate electors for president-elect Trump, they organized a movement that went too far with it’s outrageous acts of issuing multiple death threats.

The New York Post reported that electors around the U.S. were being harassed with phone calls, emails and letters and even death threats all aimed at intimidating voters from voting Donald Trump as president in the just concluded Electoral College. However, Donald Trump secured electoral victory after Americans across the country decided to vote for Mr. Trump, this happened despite the awful and well-funded death threats, intimidation, strong-arm influence tactics and stalking. The President-elect got an unexpected landslide victory as he clocked 307 electoral votes as Hillary lost four votes from her Democratic party as she garnered 228 electoral votes.

Despite the many intimidation attempts and death threats, Mr. Trump successfully secure victory against Hillary Clinton, this gave Trump a commanding victory over Hillary.

Hillary Clinton has a track record of losing. She represents a party of losers who can’t accept the fact that they lost in the election. It’s no surprise that Hillary Clinton has lost in 2012 nomination to Barack Obama, lost to Trump is the 2016 presidential election, lost the 2016 Jill Stein recounts and to mark the fourth time she’s lost the electoral college vote.

The Democrats have thus embarked on another chapter of delusional insanity by false claims that Russians rigged the electoral college. It’s no surprise to find out that George Soros funded the aggressive campaign of death threats, social pressure and delusional conspiracy theories.

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