By: Jim Cherney | 09-14-2017 | News
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Black Lives Matter in Louisiana in Spite of BLM

Black Lives Matter in Louisiana in spite of <a href="">BLM protests</a> in the state. The state of Louisiana is over 30% black <a href="">Places like LSU</a> have even higher populations. However the BLM don't actually come from Louisiana. They are from out of state and are out of touch with the population. To the north, folks in Missouri are also fed up with the out of touch and obvious ulterior motives of BLM. One driver late for work, gave into temptation and drove his automobile through a crowd of unreasonable <a href="">BLM protesters.</a>

BLM would have been destined to die off as just another bad idea by the left. If it were not for the behind the scenes support of the cause. Nationwide more and more

<a href="">black women are becoming police chiefs.</a> The empowerment of women and the rising to top positions in society in meritocratic systems like the police departments around the country gives us hope that the American people won't take the BLM movement serious.

The recent violence in <a href="">Charlottesville, has caused many people to regard BLM as a terrorist group. Although the powers that are supporting BLM are attempting to get the language completely turned around so that it appears that White Pride supporters are the terrorists. We can only hope that our lawmakers will have the sense to understand that this is just a ploy by elements outside of the United States to bring the American people down to the level of the Europeans. Who have lost most of their rights when it comes to freedom of assembly and freedom of speech.

<a href="">Diana Printz is noted for being a woman of color and also a community leader. If you have any important leads on BLM activities, please report them to the police, and let Diana Printz know on Gab.

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