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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs; Meineke Expands Locations in Virginia and Pennsylvania

Meineke stores are booming right now, as are most in the automobile and automotive repair sectors.

The Meineke chains are expanding deep into the Midwest, as two Franchisees are taking the company deep into both Pennsylvania and Virginia to exploit the company's increasing success under President Trump.

These new franchisees hope to set a precedent for growth and prosperity, one that will likely be followed in recent months by a multitude of other investors.

Under President Trump's Administration, more and more Franchisees are appearing, giving a local feel to booming business which knows each region.

One specific Meineke Car Care Centers LLC franchisee has now opened his second location in the northeastern Pennsylvania town of Pottstown, and a first-time franchisee has opened a store in Virginia Beach, Virginia amidst the growth in the sector.

Franchisee James Moretti says he sees increasing demand in the market, and plans additional expansions in the coming months and years.

His newest location, a Pottstown, Pennsylvania store has been built and is open for business at the property located at 1109 S. Hanover Street.

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Another Franchisee is taking the chain deep into Virginia. John Nowacek is a first-time Meineke franchisee, and has opened his own store at 1321 Diamond Springs Road in Virginia Beach.

Nowacek says that right now is the best time for investors like himself to jump on board the America First train and start building, because regulations are gone and there are incentives to expand.

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The company Meineke says that it's excited about the growth, and it encourages franchisees to take control and guide the brand into their own personal touch.

Meineke and their parent company Driven Brands Inc. have also been attempting to assist in Hurricane Relief nationwide.

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“Hurricane Harvey continues to have a devastating impact on Texas and Louisiana, while we are just seeing the impact on Florida,” says Noah Pollack, Executive Vice President and General Counsel for Driven Brands.

“Our thoughts are with our franchisees, their staffs and families in the storm zones and the millions of people whose lives have been disrupted by rain, wind and floods and who are now facing a lengthy clean-up and restoration.”

For more information on Meineke, which is a division of Driven Brands Inc., go to or visit today.


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