By: Earnest Jones | 12-21-2016 | News
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Politicians Need To Address Cybersecurity Concerns: The Alleged DNC Email Hack

The Democratic National Committee constitutes of the most delusional individuals on the face of the earth. This came into light after the announcement of the presidential election, following the awful loss of Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump, the Democrats were all over blaming the Russians, sexism, racism and third party voters. It was funny how the Democrats blamed everyone for their loss apart from themselves.

The unpleasant information that was obtained from the DNC emails accounts shortly before the election costed Hillary Clinton in a major way. There’s no doubt that the DNC is constituted of simple-minded idiots. The so called Russian hack was conducted in a very simple way- the servers were hacked due to lack of proper security protocol, which unfortunately they didn’t have. This is no surprise since liberals don’t believe in protecting themselves.

In a statement made by Chuck Ross from the Daily Caller, the presumably Russian hack was not complicated at all, this has led to the many fears on the extent to which Russia has infiltrated the American political organizations if it’s true that they hacked the DNC. Debates have continued on whether Russia was responsible for the cyber-attacks and what their intention was.

The unproved claims that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is spreading claiming that Russia hacked the DNC are to be debated in a critical fashion. However, the fact that cyberattacks are very common should awaken the complacent administration and the politicians who only whine after the damage has been done. It’s downright simple, cyber security needs to be an issue of concern and it should also be handled more seriously.

President Obama’s administration was very complacent and the 8 years he spent in his tenure as the President brought about many disasters in the cybersecurity and also the overall security of the U.S. Surprisingly, Hillary Clinton’s loss in the presidential election was a blessing to the whole of the U.S. this is based on the fact that she would not have done anything to the cybersecurity area like Obama.

The President-elect Donald Trump pledged that ensuring that the country is safe would be his number one priority he also appears to have a totally different and unapparelled strategy towards the security of the U.S. citizens.

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