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Video: ISIS Suicide Bombers Twin Attack - 50 Dead, 87 Wounded

ISIS sent two terrorist cells into southern Iraq today to perform suicide attacks. As a result, more than 50 people have died and 87 wounded already.

In the first attack, a suicide bomber entered a restaurant just south-west of Nassiriya in the Thi Qar province and exploded his bomb jacket whilst three or four of his colleagues opened fire to everyone trying to make it out of the restaurant unharmed.

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Police counted at least 32 dead. Sources at the hospitals say at least 4 Iranian citizens were amongst those killed.

The second attack occurred at a checkpoint where gunmen opened fire on pilgrims crossing into the city.

Officials have so far counted 50 dead but the number is likely to rise.

The deputy health chief for the region, Mr Abdel Hussein al-Jabri confirmed the unfortunate events: "The toll has now reached 50 dead and 87 wounded."

Security sources explained that the attackers were disguised as members mainly Shiite paramilitary units which were fighting alongside the army against ISIS

The Thi Qar region is located about 200 miles south-east of Baghdad and is mostly Shiite Muslim-dominated.

The area that was targeted today is mostly used by Shiite pilgrims and visitors from neighboring Iran headed for the holy cities of Najaf and Karbala.

There was a statement on the Amaq news agency, the official press organ of ISIS, which said that the attacks carried out by the suicide fighters targeted a restaurant and a checkpoint, killing ‘dozens of Shi’ites’.

Of course, ISIS Is taking hits today, so it was to be expected that they would strike back at some point. Earlier today, the Russian Military hit one of the last ISIS strongholds in in Syria with seven cruise missiles fired from submarines in the Mediterranean sea.

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