By: Diana Printz | 12-20-2016 | News

Trump Wins Electoral College Vote; Hillary Humiliated Anew

To the very end, they tried to mount last-ditch efforts to sway the electors to shift their votes

they shouted " Dump Trump" in protest actions, while some even used threats against electors. The supporters followed the lead of Hillary and the Democrats who raised all sort of tactics and ploys including the Russia election hacking card to deny Trump the presidency. But there was just no stopping President-elect Donald Trump from claiming his fate as the 45th President of the U.S.

Just like the election on November 8, Trump won the Electoral College vote today in a convincing fashion, getting a solid 307 votes, far more than the needed 270 votes to win. With the Electoral College vote win, it is but a foregone conclusion that Trump will claim the White House next month.

And as if mirroring anew the amazing upset victory of Trump on November 8, just as she suffered a devastating loss then, Hillary was gravely humiliated anew in the Electoral College vote today. Hillary and her camp were expecting the electors to abandon Trump and their mandate and switch their vote for her. Instead, not only did Trump's electors voted for him as they should, but five Democrats who were expected to deliver her votes opted to cast their ballots for other people, the largest number of " faithless electors" seen in over a century.

How truly bruising that could be for Hillary, giving her yet another blow- with the Republicans standing solid for Trump while it was the Democrats who broke ranks. Four out of the 12 Democratic electors in Washington state dumped Hillary, with three of them voting for Colin Powell, a former Republican Secretary of State, and one for Faith Spotted Eagle, a Native American elder who strongly protested against pipeline projects in the Dakotas. In Maine, Democratic elector David Bright said he would vote for Bernie Sanders, Hillary's opponent for the party nomination. It proved to be a surprising twist to have Democrats change their votes and became " faithless electors" and earn for Hillary another infamy- the " most rejected" nominee with the biggest number of so-called faithless electors in more than a century of American Electoral College voting history.

The votes of the Electoral College will be officially counted during a joint session of Congress on January 6 next year. President-elect Donald Trump takes his Inauguration as the 45th American President on January 20.

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