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A Warning to Kim Jong-Un, South Korea Drops Cruise Missiles in Live-Fire Drill

South Korea is taking a tougher stance against North Korea’s continuous aggression and nuclear arms ambitions as it carried out its first test of an air-launched cruise missile meant to serve a chilling warning to the rogue state leader Kim Jong-Un.

The U.S. ally fired the Taurus missile from an F-15 fighter jet which traveled through obstacles at low altitudes before making it hit the target off the country’s western coast on Tuesday.

North Korea carried out another nuclear arms test on September 3, already its sixth and most powerful to date, and days after that, South Korea discovered radioactivity in air samples it collected days after the arms test of its rival neighbor. Xenon-133 isotopes were found in the air. South Korea’s nuclear safety agency said those isotopes could show if the bomb tested on Sept. 3 was a plutonium or uranium device. It said it also hasn't discovered traces of tritium, which accompany a test of a thermonuclear, or hydrogen, bomb

South Korea’s missile was manufactured by Germany’s Taurus Systems, and has a maximum range of 310 miles and was designed with the intent of avoiding North Korea radar.

Just after the nuclear test, Seoul made an announcement that it reached an agreement with close ally Washington to remove the warhead weight limits on South Korean ballistic missiles. Under a bilateral guideline, such could be built for a maximum range of 497 miles.

South Korea is aware of its rather limited military options against North Korea and a pre-emptive strike against Pyongyang would be a challenge to undertake, but could still serve as its most realistic choice.

The rogue state North Korea’s latest nuclear test involved a thermonuclear weapon built for its developmental intercontinental ballistic missiles that were flight tested twice in July.

Kim Jong-un's regime is also developing solid-fuel missiles that could be fired from land mobile launchers or submarines. North Korea also flew a powerful new mid-range missile over northern Japan last month. The isolated nation also bragged about conducting more missile tests targeting the Pacific Ocean.


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Anonymous No. 8086 2017-09-14 : 10:06

As we know:

* CHINA & RUSSIA are covering DPRK (North Korea) backside for political and economic reasons.

* Technically, DPRK, (North Korea) has already taken the initial steps in starting a War.

* DPRK is engaging in a steady escalation of hostilities, backed up with threats and actual demo's on its ability to start a Nuke War.

* DPRK has repeatedly announced it intentions were to attack and destroy the USA.

* DPRK has violated every agreement to stop Nuke & Missile development in exchange for humanitarian aid, made for the past 35+ years.

* DPRK has kidnapped, imprisoned, tortured and killed; Japanese, SK, USA and other country citizens.


If I was speaking with China / Russia as a Dept. Of State or UN Ambassador.

I'd ask the 2 at the next open UN council meet, for the world to see and hear, a simple question.

If DPRK repeatedly announced its intentions were to destroy China or Russia. Started designing Nuke warheads,. Had launched or threaten to launch several unannounced ICBM's over China's or Russia's borders. Like it has done several times with Japan, SK or USA.

How would China or Russia take it and react?

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