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"Courageous Action" Of Washington Student And Janitor Stopped Active School Shooter

Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich gave a statement Wednesday following a deadly school shooting in Rockford, Washington saying that the student killed in the shooting had tried to confront the shooter. Sheriff Knezovich says that a student tried to confront the gunman when his gun jammed. Witnesses say that a janitor also tried to approach when the weapon became jammed and tackled the boy to the ground while the student distracted the shooter. The heroic actions of the student who confronted the shooter helped prevent anyone else from dying but he lost his own life in the process.

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In his statement, Sheriff Knezovich said "Today that student came to school, armed. He entered the school and proceeded to take his weapons out. He attempted to fire one weapon and it jammed. He went to his next weapon and a student walked up to him, engaged him and that student was shot." The sheriff went on to say that by the time law enforcement arrived the shooter had been subdued and was taken into custody by police without any further shots fired. Washington Gov. Jay Inslee commented on the tragedy, "As Spokane County officials continue their investigation to get the answers to the questions so many of us have during these unthinkable tragedies, the Washington State Patrol and all state agencies will do whatever we can to help provide support and comfort in the days and weeks to come."

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The shooting took place early Wednesday when a student brought multiple firearms to the second floor of Freeman High school where 327 students attend. The shooter killed one student and injured three others before being taken into police custody.

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