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100 US Senators Pass Virtue Signalling Resolution Condemning Charlottesville Not Mentioning AntiFa O

It appears that the GOP and Democratic Party actually passed a resolution over Charlottesville attempting to denounce and decry the violence which occurred casting complete and sole blame at “White Nationalists” while not mentioning Antifa once.

The disgusting resolution shows that these traitors serve one master and it's not the people of the United States of America.

It's the largest attempt at virtue signaling to appease their handlers that I believe I've ever seen from Congress.

Amazing how they could pass this resolution without holding a single investigation or hearing into the events which occurred at Charlottesville or reviewing the evidence we've all seen.

We've all seen the videos. We know what happened. There's no denying the criminal actions of AntiFa and every American who loves our history recognized that the <i>one man who drove the car is a monster</i>; we're not defending him.

People of every creed support Making America Great Again.

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I'm not encouraging violence in any way, shape, or form; but anyone who saw the videos of the event saw it occur on both sides.

The difference is that those who represented the Unite The Right rally actually had legal permits to march and they were attacked and of course defended themselves.

The police failed to take any action and that's likely due to them being issued a stand down order by Governor Terry McAuliffe and his financiers.

The real question is why hasn't the Congress investigated Terry McAuliffe, the former DNC Chair who is funded and financed by<a href="">both Haim Saban and George Soros.</a>

Oh Right, because Senators and Representatives on both sides of the aisle are also funded by similar sects and subsidiaries of the Globalists who are attempting to push international Communism through subversion.

The questions the American people need to be asking themselves after reading this are simple:

<h3>Why can Congress pass this resolution without examining any evidence or holding public hearings into what really occurred?</h3>

<h3>Why can Congress pass this resolution and not mention AntiFa at all but instead condemn just one side when the President himself has told the truth on the matter?</h3>

<h3>Why can Congress pass this resolution over just a single death when more people are shot and killed in Chicago in a year than in Iraq?</h3>

<h3>Why can Congress pass this resolution but they can't accomplish Healthcare Reform when they have promised repeal and replace for 7 years and now do absolutely nothing for the people?</h3>

<h3>Why does Congress insult the intelligence of the American people and assume we won't vote these bastards right out of office for their failures to focus on what's important such as Trump's agenda?</h3>

Seriously, GOP, and the Democrats <i>fuck you both</i>, Hillary Clinton is a criminal and you did nothing about it, more people die in America from Heroin Overdoses than gunshots and you do nothing about it, American trade is collapsing and you do nothing about it, American manufacturing is all but dead and you do nothing about it, President Trump wants to Make America Great Again and you all stand in his way.

We demand you bring Hillary Clinton to Justice.

We demand you freeze all assets of George Soros and his ilk and bring him to Justice.

We demand you reform Healthcare for Americans.

We demand you fuck right back off to Capitol Hill and do your jobs and represent the people who voted for you.

This Congress is outright disgusting and should be abolished.


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Mike No. 8093 2017-09-14 : 11:14

ITt's the PC culture of today. Reps and Senators do not care about the people, only about getting relected.

Anonymous No. 8278 2017-09-18 : 15:44

They're not even getting reelected.

Bob bacon No. 8400 2017-09-20 : 21:24

The monsters were the fat whigger and her friends who bashed the grey car and went after its driver.

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