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Video: Black Fast Food Employee Fired after trolling Hispanic Customer about Donald Trump

A black employee at a McDonald's in North Carolina was terminated from their job after a video surfaced online which showed them trolling a Hispanic customer.

The customer refuses to leave the drive through window speaking almost unintelligible English the entire time at which point the situation becomes incredibly comedic.

In the video the black employee can be seen asking the customer who speaks incredibly poor English to the lady, “You can go wit alladat you holdin’ up my line” and says “go go you can go”.

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After repeated attempts to get the woman to leave the drive through the employee finally loses her patience, and starts trolling the Hispanic with broken English.

The if they can spell “Deportation” and if they know how to spell “Donald Trump”. She repeats “Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Donald Trump.”

The lady keeps spewing her gibberish and refuses to leave the line, with the McDonald's employee clearly becoming more frustrated saying, “Can you say Donald Trump? Donald Trump!”

Then she again asks the woman to leave telling her she's holding up the McDonald's line. At which point she then says, “Can you say deportation?” Lol.

She finally says “You gonna get deported. You need to get the fuck on that's what you need to do.”

At one point in the video another woman is able to come to the window and get the deranged customer to leave the line.

The entire video is full of incredible humor as cars are honking the entire time.

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Anonymous No. 8059 2017-09-13 : 20:31

Who was trolling who?

Anonymous No. 8118 2017-09-14 : 23:00

Can yall stop posting half the fucking article or use archive and stop half posting. I like your news but im growing to hate your clickbait shit. Stop being as shitty as the people youre trying to replace. I used to click all your articles, now i read the op and if its not complete, i report it for spam.

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