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US State Department to Suspend Visas to 4 Nations who Refuse Deported Aliens

President Trump and the Attorney General of the United States Jeff Sessions have now said they will no longer accept B Visas from four nations who are refusing to take back in deported criminals from the United States.

The four nations that are affected by the Trump Administration's crackdown are Cambodia, Eritrea, Guinea, and Sierra Leone; for their refusal to take back their own citizens who have been deported.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has sent cables to each of those four nations around the globe about the official new policy to refuse issuing any new Visas.

The new Visa sanctions vary in terms of potential.severity, with the nation of Eritrea facing the harshest sanctions.

Any Eritreans who apply from within their own country for most U.S. business or tourist visas to the United States will be rejected after the new policies have taken effect.

In the nation of Guinea, the United States will no longer issue a wide range of tourist, business and student visas to government officials and their immediate family members who apply from inside the country.

As for Cambodia, the sanction is tailored to where only Foreign Ministry employees at or above the rank of Director General, and their families, who apply inside of the country will be barred from getting some visas for personal travel into the United States.

When it comes to Sierra Leone, only Foreign Ministry and immigration officials will be denied tourist and business Visas at the U.S. Embassy in Freetown.

So far President Trump has named a total of twelve nations that could also face similar sanctions on Visas into the United States including the four which were named today as China, Cuba, Vietnam, Laos, Iran, Cambodia, Burma, Morocco, Hong Kong, South Sudan, Guinea, and Eritrea.

Each of those nations are being labeled by the Trump Administration as “recalcitrant” due to their failures to accept their own citizens back into their nations.

According to an official 2016 Congressional testimony by Michele Bond, former assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs, Cuba was the “most recalcitrant country on repatriation of its nationals,” although she did not give specific numbers.

Several Other countries have remained at the top of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) list of recalcitrant countries including China, Somalia, and India, Bond also said at the time.

None of those countries are facing any current Visa sanctions.


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