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Montana Thugs arrested after String of Knife Attack Robberies

Authorities in Bozeman, Montana say that they now have in custody a man who they say is responsible for a crime wave of robberies where they suspect had used a knife each time to stab those he was stealing from.

Police say that the suspects, a minor child and an 18 year old man, Matthew Anderson were both questioned in the series of attacks before Anderson was taken into custody.

Authorities say that the first violent assault occurred Tuesday night at the intersection of North Bozeman Avenue and East Mendenhall Street in Bozeman.

After an emergency 911 call came in from the victim's roommate, police arrived to the scene to find a man covered head to toe in blood.

The victim said that he saw a car "driving aggressively" before it pulled into a need by parking lot, at which time he claimed he was “jumped from behind” by multiple suspects who pulled his shirt was pulled over his head and beat him in the face while stabbing him in the torso about 10 times.

According to the official affidavit, the suspects demanded the victim to hand over his wallet and phone, which they stole as they jumped into the car he had witnessed and sped away.

The second assault was reported early Wednesday morning, where a victim was stabbed multiple times and taken to the hospital.

Doctors said that several stab wounds were located on the right side of the victim's rib cage as well as the left side of his back and his left upper shoulder blade area.

Police then began to use the GPS and geolocation data to track and locate the first victim's phone which led them to the 18 year old male and a minor female child.

Anderson waived his Miranda Rights and told the police that he and the girl were driving around to act as a taxi for intoxicated people leaving bars.

At that time he claimed that the second victim had attacked him and he fought back in self-defense.

The suspect then said that the first victim had attacked him over an altercation about the minor. According to the affidavit, he admitted to pulling the other man's shirt up and hitting him.

The minor child then waived her rights as well, and said that she saw Anderson fighting with both of the men.

During the second attack however, she said that she had left the vehicle with a machete because she thought the victim was hurting Anderson.

The minor child told police she was the one who bought the knife that was allegedly used in the attacks.

Additionally, she claimed that Anderson used the knife to "pack" his first before "committing both assaults" according to the report.

Anderson is now being held at the Gallatin County Detention Center without bond, while Juvenile Investigators are looking into charges for the underage girl.


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