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On Monday, December 19th 2016, the electoral college convened and cast their ballots to select the next president of America. President Elect Trump’s victory has long been seen as an inevitability, with a general election result of 306 electoral votes – although he lost the popular vote by 2.1%, or about 3 million votes. Four Washington State electors – a full 33% of Washington State electors – cast their ballot against Clinton, three voting for former secretary of state Colin Powell, and another voting for Amerindian activist Spotted Eagle, with the vice presidential vote of these four electors going to Elizabeth Warren, Maria Cantwell, Susan Collins, and Winona LaDuke. One Hawaii elector cast their vote for Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. This is the only official electoral vote for the socialist Sanders, although two other electors – in Minnesota and Maine – did vote for him, their votes were recorded for Clinton per their respective states law, as was a Faithless elector from Colorado who voted for John Kaisich, only to have his vote invalidated per Colorado law. Clintons line was not the only to falter ,however as two Texas electors voted for Ron Paul and John Kaisich respectively, with one supporting Carly Fiorina for Vice President.

A total of 11 faithless electors – of which only 7 were counted - makes the 2016 election the most faithless in living memory, however this is not altogether unheard of in American politics. In 1896, 27 faithless electors voted, 63 in 1872, 23 (the entire delegation of Virginia) in 1836, 32 in 1832, and 19 in 1796 ranks the count of 11 to the sixth most faithless election in American history if you count the electors whose votes were not counted.

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