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Tennessee allowing Victims of Hurricane Irma to File Unemployment

The endless mayhem and devastation from Hurricane Irma can be felt across several states now in America.

The millions which evacuated may have no home to return to and it could be years that those who are now refugees from the storm are without work or a home.

Many of those displaced have ended up in the State of Tennessee, which is now encouraging those folks to stay in the state and start over, even offering them a chance to file for unemployment benefits in Tennessee.

The grim outlook for Florida's coastal regions is that many simply have nothing to return to and don't want to chance losing it all again in the future, something Tennessee hopes to offer compassion with by granting the benefits as well as securing residents to its state for future growth.

Tennessee Labor and Workforce Development Commissioner Burn Phillips said in a news release that the state wants to make sure people staying in Tennessee have the information they need to receive unemployment benefits they're entitled to.

The state says workers displaced by the wrath of Hurricane Irma should start the unemployment benefits filing process with the state where they work while temporarily residing in Tennessee.

Florida's site is

Georgia's site is

According to the state, those affected areas could be inevitably be declared a federal disaster area, and unemployment insurance may be available to people who typically wouldn't be entitled to benefits.


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