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Plano Mass Shooting - Mother of Meredith Says Spencer Had Not Moved On Since The Divorce

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More details are emerging of the mass shooting that took place during a Dallas Cowboys viewing party in Plano which left 9 people dead, on which my colleague Kyle James already reported.

Some of the shooting victims were friends of the couple, and it would seem the killer had trouble moving on from the divorce whilst she clearly had. The parents of Meredith gave a tearful interview, still trying to cope with the new reality that their only child, is dead.

The parents of the Meredith Hight, who had organized the Dallas Cowboys viewing party for her friends, gave an emotional interview about what happened: ‘We’re grateful that we had her at all, that we had 27 years.’

‘I think he saw our comfort, ease and happiness and her embracing new life and resented it to the maximum and responded the way he did.’

The father of Meredith, Mr. Gene Lane, says that he is surprised some made it out uninjured of the party at all: "The people who were there and left – there was no indication of any problems or issues until he showed up. You don’t understand this. I don’t. I think 'why do people have to do this,' you know?”

The couple married very young, too young according to Meredith’s parents.

"Spencer lived in the apartment downstairs from her," Ms. Lane stated, "When she was 20 years old and decided that she and Spencer were going to be married, we knew there was no dissuading her.”

Meredith and Spencer got married during a Jamaican cruise in May of 2011.

Many of the people present at that party were also victims of the shooting. Spencer’s best man, James Dunlop and Rion Morgan, one of his groomsmen, were both shots by him during the tragic events.

Mr. Lane commented: “We knew a lot of her friends. I’m sure we knew several of the young people that were there, we thought very highly of them. What their families are going through right now is pure hell.”


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