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Seattle Mayor Resigns Hours After Fifth Allegation of Pedophilia

The Mayor of Seattle, Washington has resigned hours after a fifth allegation of sexual abuse. A cousin of Former Seattle Mayor Ed Murray claims that he molested him when he was a child. Murray maintains he is innocent of all accusations but said, "While the allegations against me are not true, it is important that my personal issues do not affect the ability of our city government to conduct the public’s business."

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The 62 year old Murray went on to say that he is proud of his long career in politics where he accomplished landmark gay civil-rights and raised the minimum wage in Seattle to $15. This is far from the first sign of trouble from the disgraced Mayor's office, in July <a href="">we reported that his foster son accused him of molesting him, but at that time he still refused to resign despite it being the fourth allegation of sexual abuse.</a>

Since April, a total of five men have come forward with allegations of sexual abuse at the hands of Murray when they were young children making him not just a rapist but a pedophile as well. One or two allegations might be chalked up to crazy people looking to go after a public figure, but by the fourth and fifth allegations there can be no doubt that there is something wrong with this picture.

Murray has the look of a man with many secrets, in all probability those who have come forward are probably not his only victims. It seems he had a long history of sexually molesting children and has used his power and position of influence to skate away scot-free.

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Bill No. 8218 2017-09-17 : 08:02

Bill Gates , Jeff Bezos and now the pedophile mayor of Seattle .

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