By: Jim Cherney | 09-13-2017 | News
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Where Does News Come From?

In these days of "Fake News" claims, people are becoming more and more concerned about the source of their news.

Asking questions about the source of your news, or even <a href="">using What Finger</a>

to find current news stories. This can leave you perplexed and confused like you are reading a news article in Hungarian

about <a href="">Hillary Clinton, George Soros

or the Rothschild's.</a> You will be more confused after you are finished, then when you began. Our freedom of speech that the

Internet gave us all, has been corrupted with government propaganda, thought police and commercial gaming of search engine results.

In order to bring the general population the news that will sell the most advertising, leaving the people satisfied and not rioting in the street.

The long term will leave the status of things the way they have always been. The experiments of the 20th Century will have little effect on the

Earth. Just like the occupation of <a href="">Britain by the Romans</a> had little effect on the population shifting in Britain. Because the Brits had more access to shoreline and "Freedom" at anytime than those on the other side of the Channel.

Our Digital life is important and many call on <a href="">The Mother of God</a> for intersession. God helps

those that help themselves. You are in a unique position being able to read this. Unlike a few billion people that don't have access to free and independent news.

Mother Mary likely won't interfere in the dissemination of the contemporary news. So it is up to you to make your own informed decision on where you get your news.

I hope that there will be intersession on the Korean peninsula, to stop the tide that is coming in and pushing the world towards a nuclear confrontation.

A <a href="">nuclear strike on North Korea</a> Seems imminent. Let's hope

that a false flag does not push the balance the wrong way forcing the rhetoric to become physical turning East Asia into a fireball of atomic fire. All it would take is

a <a href="">Nuclear director caught in a crime</a> covering his tracks with an atomic bomb recommendation to the President of the United States. If the case is made clear to the President like Weapons of Mass Destruction were to President Bush. The troubles in Asia could become more than talk and shield pounding.

Clearly, it is important to find someone you can <a href="">trust</a> to leave your news pristine. There is a great search engine called <a href="">Good Gopher</a> that gives you the option

to see the news from independent media such as Breitbart, The Drudge Report, Natural News and many many more. Or the traditional news that is screened and potentially fake news. Only you can decide <a href="">what is real and what is not.</a>

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