By: Kyle James | 09-13-2017 | News
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Disturbed Virginia Mother Kept Children Locked In Cages Inside Trash Filled Home

A woman in Virginia named Malista Ness-Hopkins has been keeping her five young children in cages. The home which housed the children's makeshift cages was full of trash, rotting food and fleas. Social workers removed the children from the home the same day they visited on July 28th.

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Kate Bonniwell, an Accomack County Social Services worker, testified that when she visited the home after receiving a complaint, two of the children were caged inside cribs. Rails taken from other cribs were screwed on top to keep them inside. The social worker also testified that it took Ness-Hopkins over 20 minutes to unscrew one of the makeshift cages with a drill. Bonniwell testified that the 2-year-old child that was inside the cage made hissing noises at her and what she described as "animal sounds."

She said that once the top was removed, the child not did attempt to get out. Bonniwell testified "The children didn't act like normal children." Another 3-year-old was also confined in a makeshift cage in an adjacent room with another 1-year-old child. Two more children, age 5 and 6, were also in the home. All were covered with bug bites which infested the place.

The home was also said to have black water in the only toilet, dishes with rotting foot piled in both the sinks and the bathtub was filled with trash. The despicable mother has hired a lawyer who argued that there is no proof the environment was harmful to the children and the judge disagreed. Judge Croxton Gordon said, "This did not happen overnight" and sent the case to a Grand Jury.

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