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Pedophile Raided by FBI for Child Molestation had Sick Fetish for Dirty Diapers in his Home

Pedophiles have literally no moral boundaries and would probably be best served if they didn't exist on this Earth at all, and that's something I feel strongly about.

The levels of degeneracy as well as mental illness to even be attracted to a child at all requires the mind to be poisoned with the most demonic and sickening thoughts possible.

Further underscoring the disgusting nature of those who have an obsession with children, a Selma, Texas Man was raided by the FBI back in 2016 who was believed at the time to be participating in a pedophile child porn ring.

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That individual, 29 year old Vicente Rodriguez Hinojos III was found Inside his home with soiled diapers, literally filled with human feces, all across his home during the raid.

Once the FBI finished their search of the premises they found multiple images of child pornography on his electronic devices, and two of the videos found showed Hinojos raping two young boys where he had videotaped the molestation.

Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation first started the investigation onto Rodriguez after the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children received anonymous information in May of 2016 about a Dropbox link that contained 159 images of a toddler being sexually assaulted by an adult male, according to the FBI affidavit.

The cybersleuthing of the FBI was able to trace the IP and geolocation data used in that Dropbox link to Hinojos’s home in Selma, Texas, which led to the FBI raid on May 26th, of 2016.

During that raid the Federal Agents seized his computer, other electronic items, and all cellphones cellphones belonging to Hinojos, the affidavit said.

They also found soiled diapers in his room, at which time the agents said the entire house smelled like “complete and utter shit.”

Hinojos admitted to the Agents that he liked to view images and videos of child pornography and masturbate to them, and that he obtained them via Dropbox and a pair of internet chat services, <a href="">according to the FBI.</a>

The affidavit also said that he had started molested two of the children in the videos found in his home beginning when they were each 2 years old and that he had molested one of them just several days before the FBI raid.

Hinojos “advised that he has a soiled diaper fetish and that the diapers found in his room belonged to him and were not associated with any child,” the affidavit said.

Rodriguez Hinojos sat incarcerated for almost a year, before he finally plead guilty to two counts that he produced visual images of two minors being sexually molested back in April.

Just yesterday he was finally sentenced, and was given 48 years in a Federal Prison for his crimes admitting that between 2012 and May 12th of 2016 that he was responsible for the production of child pornography.

His assistant Federal Public Defender, Marina-Thais Douenat, had sought leniency for Hinojos during the sentencing, arguing that he was a gay man and addicted to pornography, including child porn.

Fortunately for the sake of humanity, that defense wasn't listened to, and the Judge said that people like Hinojos shouldn't exist at all.

During Monday’s sentencing, Senior U.S. District Judge David Alan Ezra handed down a sentence of 585 months in prison, ordered Hinojos to pay $25,000 in restitution to each if the two minor victims, and then ordered him to serve 10 years of federal supervision after he gets out of prison, assuming he lives that long.

Let's hope he doesn't.


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