By: Savannah Smith | 12-19-2016 | News
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Hillary Supporters Spreading Violence Just Before The Electoral College Voting

Hillary Clinton and her bunch of Democrats supporters are revealing their hypocrisy by their own actions and words. During the campaign, Hillary acted horrified when Donald Trump merely said that he'll keep everyone in suspense if he would accept the election result or not. Nothing categorical with the answer yet Hillary put on the big act of defending democracy and castigating Trump for denigrating democracy. Her supporters joined in hitting Trump for his answer to that debate question, when he was just being coy and cute about it, in fact. What he said actually made sense, because it was premature to answer the question when the election has yet to be conducted and no one knows for sure how things would turn out, if everything would be in order or there would be irregularities.

Now, a month and a half after the election, Hillary and the Dems and their supporters have yet to accept their defeat, calling for all forms of protests and concocting all kinds of tactics and ploy to steal the presidency from Trump. They have initiated street protests, to cajoling electors not to vote for Trump, to getting their celebrity allies to snub the inauguration, to trumpeting the Russian hacking the election card and getting Obama to order the intelligence community to probe, and the list seem endless. And now they have resorted to violent threats, too! As the hour to the Electoral College voting nears, we're getting more and more reports of Hillary Clinton supporters threatening Electoral College members if they don't switch their vote from Trump to Hillary. Electors from various states have complained about getting death threats if they stick it out with Trump.

Aren't these Hillary supporters the one who are denigrating democracy by blocking and disrupting what should be a regular process, just because their pathetic candidate suffered an epic defeat?

President-elect Donald Trump could not help but react already to the unacceptable, undemocratic and truly inhumane threats to electors who are legally-bound to do their electoral duties. Trump scored the double standard being practiced by Hillary supporters. He tweeted:

"If my many supporters acted and threatened people like those who lost the election are doing, they would be scorned and called terrible names."

But because those threats came from Hillary supporters, many are turning a blind eye including President Obama, Hillary and the mainstream media. Whatever happened to the much-vaunted political correctness of Obama, Hillary and the Dems? Whatever happened to their so-called decency? Unless decency is now synonymous with hypocrisy.

Trump won more than 300 electoral votes in the election, a solid win as he only needed 270 to gain the presidency. The electoral vote total is all that matters under the Constitution, so Hillary and supporters should get over it.

The electors have a job to do, a mandate to fulfill based on America's democratic principles and the Constitution. They should be left alone and in peace.

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