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Democrat Senator Bob Menendez seems to be in a bad corner lately. His “bribery” trial is not really going all too well.

From a sheet entertainment value point of view, the setting is priceless of course. We clearly would like to recommend Netflix that if they ever look for a follow-up to their smash hit show Better Call Saul (the spinoff of their previous hit Breaking Bad), they would do well to procure the rights to the story of the busy US Senator.

Things on his to do list include setting the Cuba policy, looking into Afghanistan, and last but not least, getting visa’s for the bombshell girlfriend of his married pal from the Dominican Republic.

The Democrat Senator apparently wrote a letter for the girl (and her sister) to support them in their visa interview. The consular official dismissed the letter as per standard procedure. When informed of this, Menendez decided to really get into higher gear. He said that he would now like to speak to the ambassador himself.

The prosecutor asked at this point: “Do US ambassadors usually get involved in visa applications?”

You will understand the need to turn this whole story into a television series. Included in the final episodes would be some lavish vacations paid for by a wealthy doctor and the visits of those said girlfriends.

The trial is already becoming a spectacle on his own. US District Judge William Walls referred to the government’s questioning as, hold on tight: “ridiculous,” “junk” and “sheer nonsense.”

The judge is known for his tight control of his courtroom apparently.

Mr Michael Coming Soon to Netflix - For All Your Visa Worries: Better Call BobWeinstein, a former Justice Department prosecutor, said: “A trial judge has total control over the courtroom, and any attorney who forgets that does so at his peril. He calls the balls and strikes fairly, he plays it straight down the line, but he wants counsel not to grandstand and to get to the point efficiently.

The Democratic Senior Senator from New Jersey is charged both with accepting campaign donations (nothing new of course) and accepting gifts.

The trial is supposed to last for two months. If in the end Senator Menendez indeed gets convicted, this will spell further trouble for the already embattled Democrats in the US Senate.


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Anonymous No. 7986 1505233635

Dumb fucking editors didn't do their research AGAIN.

Breaking Bad was by AMC and licensed via HBO to Netflix. BCS was an original.

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