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9th Person Dies In Texas Mass Shooting, Mother Blames Daughters Husband

One of the deadliest mass shootings in years took place in Plano, Texas on Sunday when an unidentified suspect opened fire at a football party killing 7 people. The gunman was shot and killed by an officer who arrived at the home on West Spring Creek Parkway around 8 p.m. Sunday. When the officer arrived, he found bodies in the yard of the home and shots could still be heard coming from inside the house when he approached and opened fire killing the gunman.

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On Monday afternoon Chief Rushin held a press conference to inform the media that an eighth victim has died at the hospital bringing the total death count to 9 including the shooter. David Tilley, a Plano Police Officer, said "[He] made entry inside the house, confronted the suspect, ultimately shooting and killing him." The officer was brave enough to enter the house and stop the shooter single handily without waiting for backup. His willingness to put his own life in harm's way probably saved the lives of any more potential victims. The owner of the home, Meredith Lane, was 27-years-old and was killed in the shooting. Lane's mother blames her daughter's husband who she recently divorced.

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Lane was hosting a football watching party when her husband showed up and opened fire. Her mother said, "She was a cook, and a quite fine one, and she loved hosting friends and families. This was her first opportunity to do it after the divorce and he didn’t take it well." When paramedics arrived at the home they attempted to perform CPR on the victims but only one was alive. The only living victim passed away in the hospital today.

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