By: Savannah Smith | 09-12-2017 | News
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Is Being a Liberal a Requirement to Win Miss America Beauty Pageant?

Come hell or high water, the Miss America show must go on- and it did on September 10 as it aired on ABC. The beauty pageant also used the opportunity to call for donations to the hurricane relief meant for those affected in Texas and Florida throughout the show.

No looming disaster could not stop the show; apparently neither the trying times could stop the show’s organizers from using the pageant to push for their political agenda and to have a platform to hit Trump without being so glaring. But then they were not quite successful in pulling off their stunt- the questions given to the candidates and most of the answers provided were quite obvious in their liberal leaning. Any keen observer might even wonder if many, if not all the candidates were kind of briefed on the nature of the questions and the “preferred” mainstream stance.

The show took a departure from the usual format of asking one question per finalist. This time the pageant chose to questions each to the contestants- one supposedly for serious stuff while the other is more playful, light or fun. The serious questions were reserved for the five finalists.

What turned out was their definition of serious equaled President Donald Trump, and four of the five final questions were constructed in such biased ways they were clearly intended to put the President in a bad light. Most of the candidates toed the line and gave anti-Trump answers.

Miss Texas candidate, Margana Wood, for one was asked essentially if Trump was correct in saying there were good people on both sides in the Charlottesville attack. The contestant gave a boilerplate liberal answer and said that Trump should have labeled the white supremacists as terrorists, and should have issued a statement sooner to make all Americans feel safe. There was no mention on the part of the candidate of the own violence coming from the side of the antifas.

The question asked of Miss North Dakota Maria Menounos was about climate change and if the U.S decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement was “good or bad.” As if on cue and reading from a script, Miss Dakota, later crowned as Miss America said it was “ a bad decision on behalf of the United States” because climate change exists.

Another finalist Miss New Jersey was asked about the divisive issue of leaving the Confederate statues in place or removing them, and if she favored keeping them or getting rid of them. She responded favoring the removal of the statues and placing them instead on museums for history’s sake. It’s still similar to the calls of the liberals.

One candidate, Miss Missouri, deviated from the “script” of liberals, though, and gave a more independent answer. She happened to be the first to be asked. She was asked about the multiple investigations into whether Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia on the election and if she were the jury, would she give an innocent or guilty verdict.

The question is obviously leading, it is also very premature as the probe is still ongoing. Good thing that Miss Missouri gave a more objective and enlightened reply. She answered “innocent” because “not enough information has been released.” She added: “We are still investigating this and I think we should investigate it to its fullest extent. If we do find the evidence that they have had a collision with Russia, the justice system should do their due diligence and they should be punished accordingly.”

The crowd cheered Miss Missouri and her answer. She gave a solid reply, and fully articulated one, too. Predictably, she did not win because the liberal candidate did.


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