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There's no denying that Google is powerful on the web. It provides a convenient search tool especially for the millions who just need an easy and fast way to do basic things on the net like simple research. But the more critical, adventurous and creative ones have found better ways to maximize what the online world can offer beyond Google and also carve their far freer space on the web.

And some has also found a way to fight back Google. It may be powerful but it is not all-powerful to make it invincible. When the people behind Google get that false belief- or illusion- that they can control everything, and make things on the net one-side in their favor, they get a rude awakening and are slapped with the truth that they can be defeated just like all evil forces.

Google with googlebot has been crawling 8chan, using a lot of resources to do so. That means Google visits the site and read its pages liberally and gather relevant information for a variety of reasons including creating entries for a search engine index. Google collects data on the users' surfing habits for many reasons, and they can profit from the data they mine online. They can also shrewdly track users.Yet Google has not been fair to 8chan as far as giving just treatment on their search engines for the site.

So what's an even smarter 8chan to do? Fight back of course! And fight it did by blocking googlebot from crawling 8chan. Google does not have the monopoly of being tech-savvy. 8chan refuses to allow Google to crawl its site when the search engine would not list it fairly, anyway.

The loyal and equally smart followers, supporters and members of the community of 8chan are rejoicing over the decision to block google from crawling the site. They cheer the move to give the arrogant Google a blow, if not a dose of its own medicine somehow.

There's justice in the online world after all- you can create the justice if you are smart enough!

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