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#Breaking: UN Unanimously Approves Resolution for New Sanctions on North Korea Banning ALL Oil Sales

Breaking news out of the United Nations where the security council and member states have unanimously voted to approve new sanctions on North Korea.

The resolution won support from all 15 nations which voted on it, after some in the United States call it a “watered-down but guaranteed to be approved” resolution.

The tough new sanctions against the madman of the North Korean peninsula will asks every country from around the world to inspect any and all ships going into and out of North Korea’s ports.

The new series of sanctions does not authorize the use of force for those ships that do not comply, which is originally what the Trump administration had originally proposed, however that doesn't mean that such an incursion wouldn't happen if the North Korean ships failed to comply and fired first.

The new resolution will also require those multinational inspections to be done alongside the consent of the many countries where the ships were originally registered, which will present an opportunity for violations globally to literally cut off the life blood to North Korea.

With the strong resolution any ships defying such orders will face massive penalties against both the countries of origin and the companies which operate the ships, putting enough pressure on both to eliminate their global trade which ensures that neither sovereign nations or their businesses attempt to defy the order.

However strong the resolution, the original language proposed by the United States and the Trump Administration had went much further in threatening anyone who violated the order, by empowering those countries to interdict ships suspected of carrying weapons material or fuel into North Korea and to use “all necessary measures” which is essentially diplomatic code for the deployment of military force to enforce compliance with the resolution.

The resolution will not impose a travel ban or an asset freeze on the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, which is another addition the Administration of President Trump had hoped for.

However by cutting off all international trade with the rogue state the United States of America ensures that Kim Jong Un is in a stranglehold reliant upon only what cash and assets he has at hand as well as his own people and their crops to survive, which is certain to force a compliance or the North Korean people to uprise against their leadership.

Alongside the crippling economic impositions on North Korea the new measure intends to add a caveat to the original language that would have banned the import of North Korean laborers altogether from working anywhere on Earth, saying that UN member countries should not provide work authorization papers outside of humanitarian assistance or denuclearization.

Russia, who is the world's largest importer North Korean labor, had requested that for humanitarian purposes it could still use North Korean laborers, which is essentially why they're working in Russia to begin with.

The new draft will also ban any textile exports out of North Korea, prohibits the sale of natural gas to North Korea from all United Nations members, and sets a major cap onto refined petroleum sales to two million barrels per year.

Experts say that will remove around 10 percent of what North Korea currently imports from China, which not only puts North Korea into a headlock but further shifts the tables in forcing China to slow its support for the North Korean Regime, according to the U.S. Energy Information Agency.

Overall this new resolution is considered a major success for America and the entire planet as the North Korean madman continues to test dangerous nuclear explosives such as the massive <a href="">1 Megaton Thermonuclear Warhead</a> which has prompted <a href="

">response from both the United States and Japan</a> and allies in the Pacific.

North Korea has previously warned the United States “it would pay a heavy price” if such sanctions were enacted, and now the island nation of <a href="">Guam is on high alert expecting a potential attack</a> from the Nork madman.

The most crucial part of this new resolution is the fact that no nation may now buy, sell, or trade oil and petroleum to North Korea.


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