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Drunken Driver Rams Cars in Cleveland then Begins Shooting

Officers from the Cleveland Ohio Police Department say that they've arrested a suspect after a violent series of crimes which occurred in the city.

22 year old Steven Halloran of Brunswick, Ohio was detained by officers after they say he first was involved in a hit and rush crash and fled the scene, then later began shooting at one of the drivers who pursued him after he drove away.

The crash first occurred on West 137th Street near West Avenue, where it is believed Halloran was intoxicated at the time of the incident.

Investigators say that Halloran was driving southbound on West 137th when his 2001 Jeep Cherokee swerved into the Oncoming traffic lanes and then brutally sideswiped another vehicle at a high speed with four people inside of the car.

Witnesses said that the second car stopped to make sure everyone was okay, but the vicious Halloran kept driving away from the car he had just hit.

That's when the other car then turned around and gave pursuit to Halloran, police said.

However Halloran decided at that time he was having no part of being followed and stuck a handgun out the window of his Jeep and began firing multiple gunshots at the victim's car who was following him, police reports say.

Fortunately for those inside the car the bullets did not hit their vehicle but at this time it remains unclear if Halloran hit any other unsuspecting drivers.

The driver still continued to follow Halloran while on the phone with police and was eventually able to block his car into a driveway in the 13700 block of Clifford Avenue, police reports say.

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At that time Halloran jumped out of his vehicle with the gun still in his hand, police said.

The driver then drove several houses away from the gunman and waited for police to arrive to the scene. The driver also told police that he saw Halloran hand the gun to a nearby neighbor who lived on the street.

Upon arrival to the scene Cleveland Officers found Halloran sitting on the front porch of the home where he had handed off the firearm.

He then told police that he had another gun in his Jeep and that he had been drinking vodka at a family member’s prior to the incidents.

That's when Cleveland Police searched his car and found a pill jar which was filled with marijuana and a bullet.

The officers found a loaded gun in the backyard of the home near a fence, according to police reports.

Steven Halloran is now charged with felonious assault and is currently being detained in the city jail on $75,000 bond, with the potential for future charges.


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