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Gold Miners accused of Murdering an Entire Indigenous Amazon Tribe in Brazil

A tragic story is coming out of Brazil, where it's now being reported that a group of Gold Miners may have slaughtered an entire Amazon Indigenous Tribe.

Authorities say that the rumors began to spread about the genocide of the tribe after a group of the miners reportedly bragged about the murders at a bar.

The mining is actually illegal in the Amazon Jungle, but it continues to occur regardless as the failures of the Brazilian Government to enforce such restrictions cause those seeking fortune to disobey the law.

The reclusive and remote Amazonian tribe is located near Brazil’s border with Columbia and Peru, and local authorities

are reporting that the gang of miners confronted before killing the tribe in the region.

Carla de Lello Lorenzi, Communications Officer for Survival International in Brazil says that the miners claimed that they won the dispute against the tribe and slaughtered every one of them, in a grisly scene of bloodshed.

After the murders the miners then cut the bodies of the indigenous tribe members in order to ensure that wouldn’t float, Lorenzi said, when they took their corpses to the Jandiatuba River.

Evidence supports that the miners were responsible because they were found in possession of both tools and jewelry from the indigenous tribe's dead bodies that they had collected after the slaughter.

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According to investigators when the miners were bragging about the crimes in a drunken rage at the bar, an unidentified patron who was disturbed by what he was hearing recording the rest of the conversation and then turned the information over to authorities.

For years human rights groups have claimed that such tribes were being annihilated in the darkness of night while the Brazilian Government was doing nothing to protect these ancient peoples.

Survival International’s Director, Stephen Corry said that the government has continued to slash the funds for any agencies that are given the task of protecting the tribes, leaving them “defenseless against thousands of invaders, gold miners, ranchers and loggers; who are desperate to steal and ransack their lands.”

“If these reports are confirmed, Brazilian President Michel Temer and his government bear a heavy responsibility for this genocidal attack,” said Corry.

Corry closed in saying that, “All these tribes should have had their lands properly recognized and protected years ago. The government’s open support for those who want to open up indigenous territories is utterly shameful, and is setting indigenous rights in Brazil back decades.”

The Brazilian National Indian Foundation, known as “Funai”, said that it has now prompted the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office to investigate the most recent allegation of the mass genocide.

It's a complete travesty when these native peoples are given zero protection while the nation of Brazil floods itself with African refugees and migrants, forever destroying its own identity.


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