By: Steve Dellar | 09-11-2017 | News
Photo credit: Dallas Police Department

Omen? Crane About to Remove Robert E Lee Statue In Deadly Collision

If something is clearly wrong, they say that nature has a way of showing it to you. Some call it an act of God, some call it an Omen. Asian culture and philosophy will refer to it as Karma.

In that case, just think about this bit of news for a second. the Dallas council had decided that in order not to cause any further disruption of invite any protest to the removal of the confederate statue of General Robert E. Lee, the crane which was supposed to handle the situation, would come in the earliest of hours of Sunday morning.

Unfortunately something intervened with their plans because the crane got into an accident with a semitractor-trailer whilst making its way to the statue and the driver of the tractor died.


Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax: “The crane was turning westbound on Linfield Road, coming off SM Wright Freeway. It was involved in an incident. It had a green light and the semi-truck came through the green light and collided with the crane.”

According to the official report, the semitractor-trailer "was travelling … at a very high rate of speed and failed to yield the right of way, colliding into the crane."

The statue had been planned since last Wednesday evening, when the City Council had voted to remove it. At first there was trouble finding a crane, then there was trouble finding the necessary paperwork. In all, due to several events, the removal was delayed till this morning.

And then that happened.

The Assistant City Manager overseeing the removal, Mr Jon Fortune, said that this unforeseen event will likely delay the removal further, as the crane is badly damaged due to the collision with the tractor.

So now all they have to do is find another crane of that size, and maybe clear the road completely. Or they could admit that luck is not on their side and just leave the statue where it is.

Just thinking.


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