By: Earnest Jones | 12-19-2016 | News
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Attorney General Loretta Lynch Regrets Tarmac Meeting With Bill Clinton

In a statement made on Sunday in the CNN’s State of the Union, Attorney General Loretta Lynch expressed her painful regret following her tarmac meeting with the former President Bill Clinton. Lynch said that she deeply regrets having sat own and had a conversation with Bill Clinton since it gave many people a concern on what the two were up-to. She also emphasized that her greatest concern for a long time has been making sure that people understand the independence with which the Department of Justice works in and the equality it upholds in treating everyone.

Lynch also said that it was unfortunate that she had met Bill Clinton and as a result she gave many people a reason to question her motives, thus creating a problem. She added that it had greatly affected her since it created pain and she had to come out and clarify the incidence as quickly and cleanly as she could.

The incidence has been criticized by many people since Lynch met with Bill while the FBI was investigating Hillary Clinton and her use of a private email server during her tenure as the Secretary of State. Following allegations that the FBI director James Comey made unparalleled decisions in a bid to combat claims that the Justice Department was biased in favoring Hillary Clinton, Lynch strongly refuted those claims.

The FBI director made a decision to send a letter to Congress about newly discovered emails as the presidential election was around the corner and hence Hillary Clinton’s campaign has cited this as one of the reasons she lost to the president-elect Donald Trump.

As Jake Tapper was interviewing Lynch, he asked her if she thought Comey’s views and statements to Congress would have been altered if the two had not had the tarmac meeting adding that maybe Lynch would have had more control in altering the letter that Comey presented to Congress. In response, Lynch declined the assumption adding that it would not have changed the statements that Comey made in Congress.


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