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CIA Analyst Was Critically Mistaken On The Former Dictator- Saddam Hussein

A CIA analyst who interrogated Saddam Hussein, the former dictator has reported that the US got it completely wrong about Iraq and Saddam. The CIA analyst who had several conversations with the former dictator reported that America was misguided on its intervention in Iraq in many ways. John Nixon points out that the CIA was totally mistaken on Saddam’s use of chemical weapons, which apparently was false. As pointed out by the CIA analyst, the US was also mistaken about Saddam’s involvement in running Iraq, his personal habits and health.

The Leading President George W Bush who was responsible for the Ira invasion also came under heavy critics from the CIA analyst who said that he apparently heard what he wanted to hear adding that Bust was very biased.

Mr. Nixon interrogated Saddam on whether he intended to use WMDs in a pre-emptive strike against the US troops that were based in Saudi Arabia, in response, Saddam said that his administration never intended to use weapons of mass destruction. The former dictator sarcastically asked Mr. Nixon whether there was anyone with full faculties who’d use chemical weapons against the world. This met Mr. Nixon by surprise as he said that it was against his expectations on what he expected to hear from Saddam.

The US and British government used Iraq’s possession of the WMDs as the main reason to justify the controversial invasion on Iraq. Saddam also pointed out that misjudged the situation since the strife that existed amongst the two nations hindered effective communication. Saddam also added that there were several mistakes that the country made apart from the faulty intelligence on WMDs.

Mr. Nixon also points out that Saddam had earlier warned the US government over it’s efforts to conduct nation building adding that American government was bound to fail due to lack of proper understanding of the Iraqi people’s mind-set, history and language barriers.

The American Special Forces executed Saddam back in 200 close to his town of Tikrit three years after his capture. Saddam had predicted that the country would descend in violence after he was removed from power and that’s exactly what happened. A total of 200,000 people died following the conflicts. The former president Bush blamed the CIA for the failures in Iraq branding its analysis as guesswork. A total of 5,000 U.S. troops are still in Iraq.

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